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Administrative Work and Data Entry

If you have an abundance of office work and a shortage of staff, we can help. With over ten years of secretarial and office management experience (including formal transcription education), my wife can take care of almost any administrative needs. Please use the contact page to let us know what type of help you need.


My wife can transcribe any type of recording, from medical transcription to sermons to depositions to conference calls, either verbatim or cleaned up. She’ll’ll take your digital recordings, CDs, or tapes and transform them into a Microsoft Word document meeting your specifications.

Base cost for transcription is $1.25 per audio minute. This assumes 1-2 easily understood speakers on a quality recording with a three day turnaround. Other factors such as quality or quicker turnaround time will increase the rate as follows:

Factor Additional rate/minute
Turnaround – 2 days $.40
Turnaround – 1 day $.70
Verbatim $.10
Faint recording or background noise $.20
Accents $.40
Timestamp (30 second) $.30
Timestamp (60 second) $.15

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